Nov 6, 2011

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Creative Arts in Research For Community and Cultural Change

Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change, Editor Cheryl McLean, Associate Editor Robert Kelly is the second book in the CAIP Research Series. The book is divided into four sections:
Part 1  Community Action and Education through Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice
Part 2  Images for Witness, Community Action in Disability and Health
Part 3  Arts Exploring Immigrant Experience and Cultural Identities
Part 4  Human Stories "from the outside in" for Community and Cultural Change.
The groundbreaking book features leading researchers from across disciplines sharing accounts and examples of the creative arts in research for change. Many of the researchers, artists, educators, participants and community members you will read about in these chapters strive for change by joining together in interdisciplinary projects to address the most fundamental of human needs, the need for healthy and safe communities with water to drink and air to breathe, the need for human expression and connection, the desire to be accepted and acknowledged as a human being of value, the desire  to voice their personal stories for public witness. The articles in this book will be of special interest to university based educators; artists and researchers; facilitators; practitioners; educators in the social sciences; social work and social justice professionals; activists and community change agents; heritage, cultural and urban planners; healthcare professionals and public health educators; fundraisers and many others.

Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice

The groundbreaking book "Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary Practice, Inquiries for Hope and Change" Editor, Cheryl L. McLean, Associate Editor Robert Kelly, Publisher Detselig Temeron Press, introduces an emerging and rapidly growing field with a dynamic collection of illustrative articles featuring leading academics, artists/researchers, physicians, nurse educators, social work educators, activists, environmentalists and others who actively use the creative arts in research and practice for hope and change.