Jan 16, 2011

CATs In Conversation

CATs in Conversation is an open and informal get-together for creative arts therapists, allied health professionals and for anyone interested in the arts in healthcare. The group meets once a month in various locations in Victoria to share information, discuss pressing topics and to provide the social support needed to further our emerging field.  

Please contact us to find out when our next next meeting will be on:
E-mail Helen Sawyer: sawyerhelen10@hotmail.com
"This is just what the field has been wanting for. A monthly gathering where you can come together, hear about the work of others and share your own experiences as a CAT. The professional challenges and positive experiences. I think it's excellent."  Julie McDonald
"Saturday afternoon food for the creative spirit and fodder for the inquisitive questioning minds of passionate pioneers!!"  Carla van Laar
"Meeting with Friends of ACATA. I found an afternoon with warm, friendly faces and like-minded creative people in a cozy corner of the world - inspirational, interesting, fun and uplifting. I even gained some clarity regarding my professional direction just by having a chat about future possibilities. All in all I ask myself, why wouldn't I go again? Next time I will fit in a gallery or two before coffee with 'Friends of ACATA'."  Lee Agius
"I always learn so many amazing new things when I come to  CATs  in Conversation. I am challenged to think outside my little square and filled with inspiration when I hear what other CATs do."  Helen Sawyer
"Satisfying."  Tim Bourke
"How lovely to connect with the group again - instead of being a solo oddball."  Felicity Albrecht
"Great to catch up and toss around ideas."  Lyn Wall.