Aug 23, 2011

Celebrating WoMan Festival!

Celebrating WoMan


Join us for 7 days of celebrating

the Feminine:

a Fundraiser Festival supporting

sex trafficked survivors in Nepal

9th September -

17th September 2011

Prana House Melbourne. 

9th - 17th

September 2011

Prana House, Thonbury

Celebrating WoMan Festival

9th - 17th September 2011

Prana House, Thonbury Melbourne

Celebrating Woman is a 7-day fundraising festival exploring woman’s health, healing & wellbeing. Workshops will be offered by experienced facilitators in the areas of Art Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Music, Movement and more with all the funds raised going directly to the Art2Healing Project (, which assists and empowers sex trafficked woman. 

The Celebrating Woman Festival was dreamt into being by a group of spirited and passionate Melbourne women in early 2011. The founding member of this group Atira Tan has been working with the Art2Healing Project for the past 8 years and has dedicated her life to offering support and healing to sex trafficked women in the slums and brothels of Asia and the Pacific. The intention behind the Celebrating Woman Festival is to not only raise funding for this vital cause but also bridge the gap between women from the east and west, creating a positive outcome for both parties.
Just four weeks out from the festival and a 7 day fundraising event has been created that offers workshops for both men and woman and most importantly lends a space to celebrate woman from all walks of life. Prana House has kindly offered its location for the 7-day festival and all facilitators running workshops during the week are also volunteering their time and energy for this amazing cause. The workshops offered over the 7 days range from, Expressive Art Therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Talks & Women’s Health and Fertility. And for the hard core yogi’s there will be a non stop 9 hour Yogathon which will feature a new teacher and style of yoga on the hour.

he Festival will come to a close with the well-known Sisters for Sisters charity event happening at the Northcote Uniting Church, showcasing an amazing line-up of all female performers. Featuring spoken word, dance, and music, the Sisters for Sisters Event reaches into the hearts of all who bare witness to the courageous artists on stage and has established a reputation as a night not to be missed.

Pre-Bookings are required to reserve a space for our workshops and classes. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE & HOW YOU MAY BE ABLE TO HELP GO TO:

For Bookings and Inquires, please contact: Jasmine Abbott –0431 838 796 – or
Atira Tan - 0467 613 562