Apr 4, 2011

Creative Arts Therapy Workshop and Weekly Groups

Creative Arts Therapy Workshops and Weekly Groups
Jennifer Berlingieri

Creative Arts Therapy Workshop
This short workshop will explore the use of drawing, painting, writing, movement, body awareness and more as tools for gaining inner knowledge and connecting to your creative self.  
No previous arts experience required.

Workshops are appropriate for personal and professional development, as well as self care.

Saturday 16 April, 2011
1-4 p.m.
MIECAT, 17 Victoria St, Fitzroy (not Victoria Parade)
$65 including all materials

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Creative Arts Therapy Weekly Groups
The weekly groups are an opportunity to explore a wide variety of Creative Arts Therapy processes in order to open up and reinvigorate your inspiration, personal growth and self awareness.  The group is kept small and consistent, in order to create an intimate and supportive environment. 

 We will use modalities such as drawing, painting, writing, clay, collage, movement, body awareness, symbols and more to explore authentic expression, and access new insights and understanding.

These groups are suitable for anyone seeking some unique time out each week, especially for you, to connect, nurture, and reflect.  Group
s are appropriate for personal and professional development, as well as self care.
No previous arts experience required.

Term 2 Creative Arts Therapy 8 Week Group

Monday 2 May - Monday 27 June, 2011 
(no group on Monday 13 June due to public holiday)
6:30-8:30 pm
MIECAT, 17 Victoria Street, Fitzroy
$345 including all materials

**Please book in early, as spaces are limited!
For Bookings or more info go to creativeartstherapy.com.au

**Private sessions are also available.**